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we train the next casino dealers

Chilton is the casino training school for croupiers that, for over twenty years, has been selecting and training young people to work for the most prestigious international casinos and cruise ships companies.

Back in 1997, Christine Chilton had the intuition of creating an ad hoc school for those who love to work and travel at the same time, founding the first croupier training school in La Spezia, Italy.
Since then, many have decided to join the team allowing thousands of young people to build a career around the world.

Today, our Chilton schools supply thousands of qualified professionals to casinos that request for them. We are expanding our group; currently, our schools are located in 5 major cities in Italy, meanwhile a new location is going to join the team soon.

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We train the next game dealer

In our schools we support and teach our students to be the new key players in your team. Our experienced tutors train boys and girls from all over Italy to develop excellent skills and charisma as Croupiers and Game Presenters. Moreover, you call for someone to cover a different job position in your casinos? We find a good candidate for the job.


In Chilton schools, our soon-to-be dealers attend the croupier course which is based on learning the game techniques and management of the tables. American Roulette, Black Jack and other variants of poker games are the main subjects of our theoretical and practical lessons.

In addition to our 8 to 14 weeks training, the selected students also take a Technical English course, which is essential to prepare them for interacting with and entertaining the guests at the tables.

Our students are young and fond of travelling around the world, they are ready to start a career in your dreamlike casinos.

Game Presenter
in-depth training

Young people looking to build a career in an international field apply for our Game Presenter training.

Another road to build a career in an international field is to apply for our Game Presenter training. In our schools, students have the chance to learn the basics starting from a five-days accelerated course.

When selected, they are ready to spend fifteen-days training in your casinos in order to become the next online streaming Game Presenter of your team.

We find the right candidate for the job

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